Welcome to the official website of the St. George Children's Center, located in St. George, Ontario.


Our History

The St. George Children’s Center is a nonprofit corporation, which has been in business since 1988. We have provided the highest quality of care to hundreds of families in and around our community.

We know that choosing a daycare can be a stressful time. That is why we take pride in our open door policy. Please feel free to call or drop by for information. We can answer any questions you may have. We are located at 39 Beverly Street West, St George, Ontario.

Our Philosophy

The St. George Children’s Center believes that all children and families should have the access to the highest quality of care. The St. George Children’s Center believes that all children are entitled to every opportunity that supports their emotional, social, cognitive, creative and physical growth. Our professionally trained staff provides a warm, caring and loving atmosphere where each individual child can grow and learn through play and exploration.

Our Standards

The St. George Children’s Center is governed by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education provides the highest standards of regulation that all licensed daycares must adhere to.
These regulations are to ensure the health and safety of each and every child, our center has standards regarding the physical environment, hygiene and cleanliness of the center, fire regulations, nutritional meal planning as well as dealing with sick children. All centers are under regular and strict supervision by government inspections.


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